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VCAP-DCA Study Notes – 2.3 Deploy and Maintain Scalable virtual networks


  • Identify VMware NIC Teaming policies
  • Identify common network protocols

Skills and Abilities

  • Understand the NIC Teaming failover types and related physical network settings
  • Determine and apply Failover settings
  • Configure explicit failover to conform with VMware best practices
  • Configure port groups to properly isolate network traffic

Tools & learning resources

Identify, understand , and configure NIC teaming

The five available policies are;

  • Route based on virtual port ID (default)
  • Route based on IP Hash (MUST be used with static Etherchannel – no LACP). No beacon probing.
  • Route based on source MAC address
  • Route based on physical NIC load (vSphere 4.1 only)
  • Explicit failover

NOTE: These only affect outbound traffic. Inbound load balancing is controlled by the physical switch.

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VCAP-DCA Study notes – 4.4 vCentre Server Heartbeat

If you work your way through the vCSHB Reference Guide you’ll have covered every objective in the VCAP-DCA blueprint, so that’s where I’d recommend you start. If you have time, view the VMworld sessions for a bit of background and reinforcement. I went into a bit more detail on this objective as it’s something I wanted to evaluate for my company, so there’s some ‘real world’ issues covered which I doubt you’ll need for the exam.

  • Identify the five protection levels for vCenter Server Heartbeat
  • Identify the three server protection options for vCenter Server Heartbeat
  • Identify supported cloning options
Skills and Abilities
  • Install and configure vCenter Server Heartbeat
  • Determine use cases for and execute a manual switchover
  • Recover from a failover
  • Monitor vCenter Server Heartbeat and communication status
  • Configure heartbeat settings
  • Configure shutdown options
  • Configure application protection
  • Add/Edit Services
  • Add/Edit Tasks
  • Edit/Test Rules
  • Install/Edit Plug?ins
  • Add/Remove Inclusion/Exclusion Filters
  • Perform Full System and Full Registry checks
  • Configure/Test Alerts
  • Troubleshoot common vCenter Server Heartbeat error conditions
Tools & learning resources

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