Netapp daily checks – available inodes/maxfiles

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Prior to buying Netapp Operations Manager we used to run lots of daily checks to ensure the uptime and health of our Netapp controllers. Many of these checks were written using the Data ONTAP Powershell Toolkit so I thought I’d post them up in case they’re of use to anyone else.

First up is a function to check for the ‘maxfiles‘ value (the number of inodes consumed in a volume). This is typically a large number (often in the millions) and is based on the volume size, but we had an Oracle process which dumped huge numbers of tiny files on a regular basis, consuming all the available inodes. This article only covers checking for these occurrences – if you need a fix I’d suggest checking out Netapp’s advice or this discussion for possible solutions.

Simply add the function (below) to your Powershell profile (or maybe build a module) and then a Powershell one-liner can be used to check;

connect-NaController yourcontroller | get-NaMaxfiles -Percent 30

This will give you output like this;

Controller : Netapp01
Name       : test_vol01
FilesUsed  : 268947
FilesTotal : 778230
%FilesUsed : 35

Controller : Netapp01
Name       : test_vol02
FilesUsed  : 678111
FilesTotal : 1369688
%FilesUsed : 50

And here’s the function;

function Get-NaMaxfiles {
 Find volumes where the maxfiles values is greater than a specified <a style="font-size:0;" href=""></a> threshold (default 50%).
 Find volumes where the maxfiles values is greater than a specified <a style="font-size:0;" href="">online pharmacy chennai</a> threshold (default 50%).
.PARAMETER Controller
 NetApp Controller to query (defaults to current controller if not specified).
 Filters the results to volumes when the %used files is greater than the number specified. Defaults to 50% if not specified.
 connect-NaController zcgprsan1n1 | get-NaMaxfiles -Percent 30

 Get all volumes on filer zcgprsan1n1 where the number of files used is greater than 30% of the max available
 Begin {
 #check that a controller has been specified
 Process {
 $exception = $null
 try {
 # create a null valued instance of $vol within the local scope
 $vols = $null
 $vols = Get-NaVol -controller $Controller -ErrorAction &quot;Stop&quot; | where {$_.FilesTotal -gt 0 -and ($_.FilesUsed/$_.FilesTotal)*100 -gt $Percent}
 #check that at least one volume exists on this controller
 if ($vols -ne $null) {
 foreach ($vol in $vols) {
 #calculate the percentage of files used and add a field to the Volume object with the value
 $filesPercent = [int](($vol.FilesUsed/$vol.FilesTotal)*100)
 add-member -inputobject $vol -membertype noteproperty -name Controller -value $Controller.Name
 add-member -inputobject $vol -membertype noteproperty -name %FilesUsed -value $filesPercent
 catch {
 $exception = $_
 if ($exception -eq $null) {
 $returnValue = ($vols | Sort-Object -Property &quot;Used&quot; -Descending | Select-Object -Property &quot;Controller&quot;,&quot;Name&quot;,&quot;FilesUsed&quot;,&quot;FilesTotal&quot;,&quot;%FilesUsed&quot;)
 else {
 $returnValue = $exception
 return $returnValue

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