Moving to pastures new – ‘old’ Jersey!

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St Brelade's BaySt Brelade's BaySummary: I’m moving to a small island where I’ll be working for an offshore service provider, so my perspective (and hence my blog’s content) might change.

I’m a believer in keeping my blog professional and avoiding personal posts but it’s been a while since my last post so I thought it was worth a quick explanation. I’ve been living in London for the best part of the last 15 years but the time has come for a change of scene. My family is growing (number two is due in early September) and my wife and I had never planned to stay in London forever – so from mid July this year, it’s all change. I’m moving to Jersey in the Channel Islands – it’s where my wife’s from and where her family are, along with many friends she’s stayed in touch with. Moving from one of the largest cities in Europe (with a population of 9 million) to a small island measuring nine miles by five (population 95,000) is going to require quite a shift in thinking. Hence the lack of blogposts – kiddie number two on the way, selling our London house, buying a house in Jersey, finding a new job, and planning a relocation to another country is all pretty time consuming!
NOTE: For those that are wondering this is ‘old’ Jersey, NOT New Jersey in the US! 

Of course it also means my professional focus may shift. I’ve accepted a job with an offshore service provider so I’m moving away from my roots as an end user and moving to the other side of the fence. Will this affect my blog? Probably. I’ll still try to be objective and impartial but everyone’s opinions are formed via their experience and my day to day experience (with both customers and technology) is going to change. My new company includes vCloud, Desktone (DaaS), and Zerto (for DRaaS)  in their portfolio, all of which I’m keen to get more experience with. Jersey has a thriving business community, largely due to it’s advantageous tax regime (which is a discussion for another day) and I expect to have plenty to blog about. With a second young child, a new job, and a new country to familiarise myself with whether I have any time to blog is another matter! 🙂

Despite the small geography and somewhat remote location I hope social media will keep me firmly in touch with (and part of) the community I’ve been enjoying for the last few years. Thanks for reading! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Moving to pastures new – ‘old’ Jersey!

  1. I wish you continued success and congratulations on the addition to the family. Moving is a lot of work in addition to a new job. Sure look forward to hearing about your new experiences. Signed, regular reader 🙂

  2. Well, that’s a massive jump! Its going to be a massive change for you but he advantage is the family, change in job focus is sometimes good. Keeps things fresh and refocuses you.

    Now you can buy an ever bigger mansion, with a dedicated cinema room 😉

    Well done and all the best.


    1. Thanks Gabi. Sadly my aspirations to a home cinema room have morphed into a dedicated playroom for the kiddies. Which the wife may have had a say in. 🙂

  3. Hi Edward,
    I viewed your article since 2011. It is great to read your new article on blog. Hopefully everything is going smoothing in your side and wish can read your article again.
    Best regards,

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