VMworld Europe 2012 – Hotels on a map

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I’m planning to attend VMworld Europe again this year and like many I’ve just started looking into accommodation. While it’ll be nice to be in Barcelona again I’ll miss Copenhagen as I had a ‘regular’ place to stay just a five minute walk from the conference whereas this year I’ll be hoping the place I’ve booked is both well located and nice to stay in.

Last year Andi Mann (@andimann) posted a very useful mashup map of the VMworld hotels, making it much easier to work out where to stay. I recall (as I think the post is no longer available) that he suggested to VMware that they provide the hotel information in a more accessible format but unfortunately it’s still only via the official webpage (or you can use my Excel data). The VMware page lists quite a few hotels and their distance from the conference but it’s far from ideal. For starters some distances are in km and some are in miles but it’s easy to miss that little detail.

Rather than putting the burden on Andi to repeat last year’s map I thought I’d have a go. Turns out the basic mapping is pretty easy to do once you have the hotel data formatted as you can just cut and paste it into BatchGeo.com.

Here’s a map of the ‘official’ VMware hotels for Barcelona 2012, colour coded by ‘star’ rating (the conference location is in red). Note that if you scroll down under the map the hotels are listed alphabetically so you can easily locate a hotel by name;

View VMworld Europe 2012 hotels in a full screen map

There are a couple of things to note. The bulk of the hotels are clustered around the centre of town rather than the conference venue so you’ll have to decide which is more important to you – proximity to the conference or to the restaurants and clubs (which inevitably host the vendor parties). More importantly take the ‘distance’ mentioned on the VMware website with a pinch of salt – BatchGeo does its own calculation on distance which shows a few discrepancies. Batchgeo does an ‘as the crow flies’ calculation and maybe VMware have driving distances?

I’ve not had time to check but last year I found it was cheaper to book my hotel directly rather than via the VMworld registration process (despite the promised discount). Your mileage may vary!

Lastly thanks are due to Andi Mann – I wouldn’t have known what to do this without his original. I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference!

9 thoughts on “VMworld Europe 2012 – Hotels on a map

  1. You might want to know the address of the conference is currently wrong on the VMworld web site. It is in fact about 1/2 mile to the east, on Carrer del Foc, roughly opposite the junction with Carrer del Cobalt.
    Reason is that VMworld is in Halls 6,7 and 8 of the complex with the entrance in Hall 8 (see here for Hall layout http://www.firabcn.es/en/venues_granvia)

  2. Ed, another ‘un. The most westerly hotel is coming up as another isntance of hte Fira. It is, in fact, the Solvasa which is a lot cheaper!

  3. There is the Solvasa in that area, but according to the map there’s also another Fira hotel as marked. I’ve just double checked the other hotel locations and corrected a couple which were slightly adrift. Hopefully all correct now, although of course there are loads of hotels not on the ‘official’ list.

  4. I will be there as well, hopefully as a VCAP-DCA5! 🙂 Did you already received your exam results? Randy is keep writing mails but there are still no results…

    1. No results here either. I’m oddly unbothered about my results this time round (unlike the VCAP4-DCA) and I’m not sure why. It could be the impending birth of my son occupying my mind but I think it’s the rapid pace of change – getting up to speed on vCD, View and learning new (to me at least) tech like Puppet, Razor, Ruby, vFabric etc seems more valuable. I’m sure Randy is doing all he can to get results out. Maybe we’ll meet up at VMworld over a beer?

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