My unique cloning project – Zachary Grigson!

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Firstly an apology – this isn’t my usual technology based blogpost. I’ve kept my posts very focused for my target audience since starting over two years ago so I’m hoping my readers won’t mind one personal post. Some things are worth making an exception for…

I’m happy to announce that my own unique ‘cloning’ project is out of stealth mode ( 😀 ) after nine months. Zachary Grigson was born on Sunday 5th August at 14:47pm and both mother and baby are doing well! He’s our first so we’re just now embarking on a massive learning curve and I’m assured my life will never be the same again (in a good way, apart from the nappies that is).

I know this will impact my blogging ability for a while but the world won’t stop turning if that happens! Like Bob Plankers maybe the ‘time off’ will give me a valuable new perspective? I’m planning to make VMworld Barcelona but I’ll probably skip the parties in exchange for some sleep – I think I’ll need it.

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